Here at Golden State Tech Consulting we are committed to protecting your privacy and understand the responsibility that comes with your personal information. While we do collect information from you, it is never more than we absolutely need and it is never redistributed. We collect your information to process orders and keep track of how you’re benefitting from our website. 

To prevent any unauthorized access to your information we have implemented appropriate security on our website and services, as well as have strictly limited access to the management of those databases. Here is what happens when you visit

We collect no personal information while you’re browsing our website. Not your email address, not your name or any other miscellaneous information without prior consent from you (such as use of our “Contact Us” tool). We do collect tiny bits of information called cookies that allow us to temporarily hold on to your IP (internet protocol) address.  Using cookies we have the ability to simulate a continuous connection while you navigate throughout our site. We do not save these cookies after you have left our site.  Users who disable cookies within their browser, while being able to view our site, will not be able to use certain features. If you would like to learn more about cookies please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide you additional literature.

What if you decide to order and/or pay for services online?
In order to process online orders we need the following information 

-Your Name
-Phone Number
-Billing Address
-Shipping Address
-Email address 

When you place your order our website uses a protocol called SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer) to safely and securely transfer your information to us over the internet.

Golden State Tech Consulting takes your privacy seriously.  Under no circumstances will Golden State Tech Consulting ever sell, distribute, lease, exchange or otherwise monetize your name or email address. We may reach out to you with news and updates from Golden State Tech Consulting.

It is always recommended when leaving our site that you check the privacy policy of the site you’ve gone to, even if following a link from our site. Golden State Tech Consulting does not have any control over the privacy practices of websites outside our domain.

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