What people are saying, in their own words

As an owner of 2 small businesses, Gab and his group are invaluable and true life-AND-business savers.  The pick up service, late night, weekend - anytime - unparalleled service with our crazy schedules.  I have known and worked with Gab for over 10 years and he is a trusted and extremely knowledgeable support person.

Services provided: replacement keyboard on a MBP, replaced a trackpad on another, installed a RAID server for the company, data and drive recovery.

I had a computer lock up on my while traveling over a Christmas holiday.  He had local service set up for me the next morning - data was salvaged...and so was my job!

Extremely Highly recommended!

Julie Bertrand, Mission Viejo, CA

Golden State Tech Consulting recently assisted me with a home audio solution. Gabriel assisted me in choosing a surround sound setup for my living room, he helped me wall mount my television and he also set up my speakers and receiver. He did a great job, was on time, cleaned up before he left, and couldn't have been easier to work with.  He delivered a complete solution and even helped me troubleshoot some bad speaker wiring in my home.

-Alexander F, Long Beach

I also opened my i mac to a flashing grey folder/question mark and knew it was going to be bad.  I found Golden State Tech Consulting here on yelp and after reading the reviews, gave Gabriel a call.  After a short time testing my machine, indeed it was a failed hard drive.  Sad, but they got me up and running in no time with a new hard drive, much faster then the old.  They made this trying transition as pain free as possible and answered all my questions, even those related to another computer!

-Robyn F, Long Beach

Very friendly and extremely knowledgable people! With their previous experience working for Apple directly why would you go anywhere else? Fast and customized service at the click of a button or the ring of a phone. Basically like a personal Apple Store, without the lines or the chaos. Who could ask for more? :)

Alexie L, Greensboro, NC

Couldn't be happier. Contacted them in the morning and Gabriel responded within the hour. He came by my apartment that afternoon and took a look at my laptop that wouldn't start. He took a look and gave me his honest opinion and and I decided I didn't want to proceed with repairs (not worth it for a 4 yr old laptop). He gave me advice on how to salvage my laptop and even took the hard drive out for me so I could scrap the laptop. When I asked him what I owed him he said nothing. All in all he came to my home, spent 30 minutes with me and didn't charge me a thing. Highly recommend and would definitely use him again.

Leah H, Eugene, OR

Life as I knew it was over. I opened my 2009 MacBook Pro one evening to find a flashing folder icon with a question mark on it. Apparently my computer was no longer recognizing my hard drive. It was failing and needed a data recovery professional, the Geniuses at Apple said.

This news was catastrophic. I had priceless photos of my new baby's first few months of life that had not been backed up. I was willing to do anything to have these photos (and my sanity) restored. 

The Genius at the Apple store referred me to Golden State Tech Consulting. I gave them a call immediately. Even though they were closed late Saturday night, I received a call back within minutes of leaving a message. Gabriel at Golden State Tech explained what he would do to try to help and was able to pick up my computer the following day--that's right, this service comes to you! I can't say how comforting that was. My computer was going to be looked at ASAP and I didn't have to go anywhere. 

The next day, as promised, Gabriel drove to my home and ran a diagnostic assessment on the spot. He then took my computer back to his office to perform more intensive work and kept me in the loop the whole time. My hard drive needed to be replaced and no data was able to be recovered using software--it needed emergency surgery in a clean room. Gabriel referred me to an ethical place that could perform this more extreme type of data recovery. So helpful! Did I mention that he didn't charge me one penny for his time? The diagnosis was free, as promised. Golden State Tech even packaged my hard drive for me, saving me that extra headache. Golden State Tech Consulting really understands how precious time is for its clients. 

They were also able to consult me on a hard drive replacement and upgrade, upgraded me to a new hard drive at a great price--better drive and price than the Apple store offered--and installed the newest Apple operating system for me. I'm extremely happy with their service. Very friendly people. I will consult them for any future Mac needs!

-Danielle L, Garden Grove

I was just on the phone with Gabriel & he was incredibly helpful. I went to the apple store a couple days ago to get my macbook pro looked at because my keyboard was malfunctioning and a couple keys weren't working && the workers at the apple store told me that there is nothing that they can do. So found Golden State Tech Consulting on yelp and Gabriel go my serial number and phone number and called the store and made some arrangements for me and he talked to a couple people. Thank you SO MUCH! 
I will defineitley call you if i have any other issues!

Claudia E, Long Beach, CA

Gab and Ellie are amazing. They helped with my organization for several years and worked wonders with our tech issues. Not only do they do great work but they are also very personable. They are professional, prompt, kind, and patient. I have worked with many tech people over the years and Gab and Ellie are by far the best I have ever worked with.

-Chris L, Long Beach, CA