hard drive upgrades

From photos and movies to documents and downloads, we are creating and saving more data than ever. But running out of space is a hassle. We can upgrade your computer's hard drive, adding space for thousands of photos and documents. We'll even take care of migrating all your data to the new drive for you.


data recovery

We hope it never happens to you, but if you find yourself with a crashed hard drive and no backup, we're here to help.  We recover data from computers, hard drives, flash drives, and other types of media.  Data recovery consultations are free and we never charge if we don't retrieve your lost files.

memory upgrades

Memory, often referred to as RAM, is what keeps your system and applications running quickly.  If programs take a long time to load or overall speed has diminished, a RAM upgrade from us will make a signifiant difference. When you're tired of your Mac "pinwheeling", "beach balling", or just being sluggish, we can help.


server support

Servers can do a variety of things to make life easier at your home or business. From file sharing to email management, governing backups, and secure remote access with VPN, let us design a server for you that can increase both productivity and security.

system upgrades

As your computer gets older, its software needs to be updated for optimal security and performance, and to stay compatible with things like apps and peripherals. Outdated systems can also cause compatibility issues preventing collaborations or sharing.  We perform upgrades for both Windows and Mac-based machines.



Who has time to bring their computer in to a store?  We come to your home or business for all consultations and for many of our repairs.  We even offer pickup and delivery services for procedures we need to do off-site, at no additional charge.

professional system monitoring

We offer remote monitoring of computer health, backup success, hardware health, installed malware, and much more. Click here to learn more.



Kroll Ontrack has been a leading force in accurate and affordable data recovery services for over 25 years.  The Southern California based company processes over 50,000 recoveries a year and is our sole partner for all advanced level data recoveries.

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, Golden State Tech Consulting meets Apple's global standards for authorized support for your desktop and mobile technology, including industry leading technical certifications.

Backblaze is an industry leader in cloud backups for desktop and mobile workstations.  With unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space, Backblaze is the ideal solution for both individuals and businesses.